Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OLW #46

The challenge this week was to add eggs ...... but when I started this card, I didn't have any stamps with eggs on them!!  How did this happen.  But fortune was smiling on me today (well in 1 respect anyway) when the mailman came today he brought with him my Waltzing Mouse order  which included egg stamps.    However in my enthusiasm to colour I made a complete mess of the shading so only the bin gets to see that one.

So, this is what we have ended up with.  Not eggs but think alittle laterally, they could be.

What you need
Cardstock - PTI white
Stamps - MFT A box of Love;  PTI Mega Mixed Messages
Ink - SU Rose Red;  Memento Tuxedo Black
Copics - Various

Now for  some gratuitous animal photos.  As I have probably mentioned we have a rescue dog with us at the moment.  We are on trial to see if she is happy here, needless to say my husband and daughter are in canine heaven.  Billie is a 2 year old goldie collie cross who has had a pretty tough life and if we could just fix the weeing on the rug problem and the barking at other dogs problem we would have the perfect pooch.  Mind you she is a dream compared to our 5 month old Ragdoll cat who is prone to a few psychotic moments throughout the day.

With Charlie the Cat on their first day together (and the infamous toilet rug).


  1. Cassandra, what an adorable card!!!! Love how you colored it, too...perfect shading!

    Billie is beautiful! Not sure what advice I could give about weeing on the rug. I will say with both our well-adjusted yet strong-willed goldens, a little percussive training was our last resort, after months of kinder, gentler training failed to get them going outside. When we whacked them on the butt (not hard, mind you) and yelled meanly and threw their furry tails outside, they each looked at us as if to say, "Oh, my! You're serious! Go figure. I had no idea. Fine, I'll widdle outside." And after that, they did.

    We never cured Hoover of barking at other dogs. He was a sweetheart with people and would have shown a robber where the fine silver was (if we had fine silver) but he HATED other dogs when we were around...he was very protective of us. He played nicely at the kennel and doggie daycare though, since we weren't there to be protected. Daisy is a pansy, though, and just tries to be everyone's submissive friend, dog or human or cat.

    Rescued dogs have their own set of issues, each unique. And if Billie has been abused, percussive discipline would be right out. Best of luck and please do keep us posted!

  2. Fabulous OLC; I just love the image! Billie looks just like a dog we had when I was in my teens. For some reason we called him Boris! Charlie is so pretty (or should I say handsome!) xx

  3. Cute card -- great coloring on it! We have a rescue dog, too. She also had a tough life pre-us and is prone to wee on the carpet from time to time (grrrrr). But, she is probably the sweetest dog we have ever owned. A real lover. Good luck with yours!

  4. Such a cute card, and a lovely dog too! You are a great colour-inner, I bet the bin card looked awesome also ;-)


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